Our platform aims at utilizing AI to create a special learning experience that fits what you need. It operates through a group of browser extensions that display short easy-to-learn tips in your scattered moments through the day. These tips appear every time you open a new tab and you can adjust settings to customize the delivery of tips anytime. Additionally, an engaging AI character will be integrated to enhance the learning experience with videos and sounds, making it more enjoyable.

1. AI-Generated Short Tips for Various Skills and Topics

  • Utilize AI services like ChatGPT to generate concise, insightful tips across a wide range of topics and skill levels.
  • The topics could cover programming, language learning, math learning, cooking, fitness, and more.

2. New Tab Tips Based on Preferences

  • Develop browser extensions that display a new tip every time a new tab is opened.
  • Implement a preference system where users can select topics of interest to ensure the shown tips are tailored to their learning goals.

3. Focus on Programming for the Initial Version

  • Start with programming tips for the initial launch and cover a variety of languages and concepts, from basic syntax and algorithms to advanced topics like software architecture and design patterns.

4. Talking AI Avatar to Introduce Tips

  • Incorporate a talking AI avatar that introduces the tips to make the learning experience more engaging and personal.
  • The avatar could offer brief explanations or examples to elaborate on the tips, providing a richer educational experience.

5. Customization by Contextual AI Service

  • Integrate public GPT APIs to provide tools that empower users to create their own tips. For example, if a high school student want to learn blockchain technology, the system will evaluate their existing knowledge from this input and provide tips tailored to their educational level.

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